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La Cucina

The Kitchen

Creativity and Taste

At Inkiostro you will find an elegant haute cousine, with a deep international and personal breath, that today blends with the territory contributing to give life to a real authentic cuisine.

The Wine Cellar

At Ristorante Inkiostro you will find a well provided wine list, with over than 900 labels.

The cellar is enriched from products researched for innovation and uniqueness, especially for the methods used in the production, grapes quality and final product


Also a list of spirits and liqueurs with more or less than 150 labels



After the hotel training in 2002, he began his professional career with the master PEPPINO SIRIANNI, thanks to which he acquires, as a commission to the first dishes and chef de partie then, the basics of local cuisine.

He continues his journey in several restaurants in the North of Italy, returns for a short time to the Carmelina restaurant as sous chef of Peppino Siriani and then move to Berlin and assume the position of poissonier first and junior sous chef at the Fischer Friz in the Regent Hotel, 2 Michelin stars.

Also in Berlin, he works as a junior sous chef at the Adlon Hotel, Essen Zimmer restaurant, which also has 2 Michelin stars and as second chef at ESSENZA in Potsdamer Platz, a well-known Italian glamorous restaurant in the German capital.


Over the years he has had the opportunity to take part in several internships, all at 3 Michelin star restaurants: at the ALAIN DUCASSE au Plaza Athenee in Paris and the other at the Paul Bocuse Collinges-au-Mont-d'Or, where he remains a year..


Inkiostro Restaurant

Via San Leonardo 124

43122 Parma

Phone. 0521 776047

CellPhone. 345 0074796‬


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