Vibrazioni 2.7

Hen Esophagus










Rabbit Canapé


Crazy Salad


Bottarga Raviolo


Mozzarella Chewy


Old Potato


Pop Corn








Pisco Sour


Rice Mochi-Yeast


Egg &Truffle


Forgotten Lemon



135 € per person

Menù a la Carte


“Birch”, almonds cream, truffle, birch sap, black salsifies

The Spiral of “cold” Cooked egg with whipped albumen, sour and spicy contrasts.

Razor clams, pandanus leaf extract , plum vinegar, horseradish oil.

Trout’s cheek, cypress oil, barberry juice, dried fruit.

Beef heart, macerated in turnip juice, wasabi marmalade and Nori seaweed.

First Course

Stout beer rice, artichokes, veal sweetbreads, nougat emulsion. 

Testaroli, pork civet, tuna mosciame, peas,passion fruit

Beetroot dumplings, cappers broth, cuttlefish.

Fusilli, sea lemon, Sichuan pepper and red peppers.

Fresh wheat ravioli, Chorizo salami, infusion of straw

Main Course

Roasted Reindeer, walnut reduction, berries, rare seeds

Rabbit loin, sea grapes, fried brain, burdock root.

Cuttlefish eggs, miso, "Judah's ears" and Helicidal infusion

Tuna Belly, shallots sea, seeds Taggiasca olive, buckthorn.

Fresh wheat ravioli, Chorizo salami, infusion of straw

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